10 team ppr pick number 2

okay ladies and gents I have a issue. I have the number 2 pick in my draft I know I the first pick will be gurley. the sensible player in me says take bell its the smartest pick. however Im a giants fan and as we all know the game is more fun when you own players on your favorite team. iv tried trading down all the way to the 4, 5 & 6th pick and no one wants to trade with me. with that being said is it okay to be a giants homer and draft Barkley with my number 2 or am I being stupid and I need to just be sensible and draft bell. oh and this is a $$ league.

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Personally I throw my love for the packers out the window when drafting but I get it. Run some mocks and see who you end up with in the first few picks. Tough taking him above the Tier 1 RBs though


Iv been drafting as if I’m sensible with gurley or bell with my first pick I end up with McKinnen and Adam’s or theilen. But you’re correct I should just use my head and go with bell or gurley

The easiest advice to give is to (1) draft Lev and (2) join a second league with lower dues or a later 1st Rnd pick where you draft Saquon.

The Footballers will always say that the ultimate goal of Fantasy Football is to enjoy yourself. While the path for Lev to end up #1 Overall is a lot shorter than it is for Saquon, it’s still a possibility for the rookie. Both have very high floors. So if having Barkley on your team will make you enjoy the season that much more? Sure, go for it.

In the end, it’s probably best to separate your love for a team or player from your money-league team. That’s the kind of thing your leaguemates will take advantage of at every turn. And it’ll hurt your decision making when it comes to lineup/roster decisions.

Last note if you’re comparing Lev and Saquon: All other things being equal (let’s go ahead and say for fun that Lev and Saquon are of equal talent and will have equal usage rates by their teams)… The difference in opportunity will still be there. What do I mean?

Winning teams in 2017 averaged over 9 more carries per game than losing teams did. And Vegas says the Steelers are going to win 3.5 more games than the Giants. It’s an overly analytical way of parsing things out, I know, but 3.5 more wins means an expectation of ~31.5 more carries for Pitt… which equates to an entire game’s worth more of carries.

As if Saquon gets to play a 16 game season, while Lev gets to play 17.
So yeah, I’d go with Lev.