10 team PPR seventh pick

Hello footballers. I have been recently reviewing all possible options and also knowing the people I draft with (1. Bar2. Cmc 3. Kamara 4. Zeke I’f signed 5 DJ, 6 Hopkins) I was contemplating using 3 out of my four picks on WR this year.
First pick I realistically foresee : adams , Julio
Second pick : odel or juju
Third : kerryon johnson or TY
Forth: Aaron jones or Adam theilen or Edelman

One of my main reasons I see this working is my using my 5,6 picks also on RB and seeing a lot of the following RBs: Carson, josh Jacobs, David mont, James white, Sony Michel, Cohen, etc…

I know the guys I draft with and foresee at least seven rbs off the board first round and 6 in the second round.

Given this information what are your thoughts on this approach and do you see my RBs working for me if I focus on RBs in rounds 5-7