10 Team SF Dynasty League Startup on Sleeper $100

I run 1 other dynasty league, and a re-draft league. For this league, I’m looking for super competitive and active managers. I like to do something other than cash for a prize in my leagues, so I usually do an autographed memorabilia as part of the prize, either a mini helmet or a Jersey, which can go to either the overall winner or the regular season #1 finisher. We can also look into trophies after at least 1 season. I also like to do punishments, like last place team gets their team name renamed by the champion for the the next season.
10 team SF dynasty 6pts for QB touchdown, various bonuses for WR/RB for Receptions/Rushes over 40yds, etc.
4Taxi Spots (1 Years Exp max)
IR Slots
FAAB Waiver System

This will be on the sleeper app.
Let me know if you’re interested, will set a draft day when all the slots are filled, will run a Poll for which draft day works best for everyone.

I’m interested sleeper ID is offkraken

Interested sleeper name hman2139

I have a dynasty best ball startup happening on sleeper. Message me on sleeper @bradikal36 if interested in joining up

@Glockzin999 I’m interested. @jwright22 on sleeper if you want to message me and still have spots open!