10 team standard - Barkley or AB?

5th pick - My gut says take AB, but the thought of not having a workhorse and seeing the RB options on the way back scares me. Suggestions?

Also my league settings are a little unconventional when it comes to points for receiving, let me know if it alters the decision - thank you

0-49 yards = 0 points
50-74 yards = 2 points
75-99 yards = 4 points
100-149 yards = 6 points

3-5 receptions = 2 points
6-8 receptions = 3 points
9-11 receptions = 4 points
does not apply to RBs

Very strange indeed for the scoring format, but I say take Barkley. The workhorse RB is just an amazing position to fill. His floor is high, and ceiling high.

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What pick are you? That plays into it a lot. I assume you are the 5th pick and I don’t think I could pass on Brown unless it’s a keeper league. If it’s keeper I go Barkley due to youth. Brown is the WR1 hands down and is extremely safe. I love Barkley, but Brown is just so good.

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5th pick, yes.

The scoring system doesn’t seem to favor a heavy receiver roster. But Brown will probably be the highest scoring WR in the league. I like Barkley but I don’t think he’s going to get Zeke or Fournette carries, so I’d go with Brown. You can always get a serviceable back on the flip.

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I don’t know, I kind of agree with you T-Med. I’m in a similar spot, 5th pick 10 team (except my league is PPR) and I’m not as big a fan of the running backs that are left at that spot in roudns 2 or 3 whereas I feel there is pretty good WR value still left in those spots. Securing a workhorse, RB1 is just so important.

But my league favors RBs a little more and your scoring is a little… different, so it’s tricky to say.

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At the 5th pick of the second though you can come back and get Howard, who is def a workhorse back and is basically a lock for 1000 and 6td as a floor. Then in the 3rd you can easily have Mccoy or someone like Royce Freeman as well. I think I like Brown, Howard, and Mccoy/Freeman more than Barkley, Howard/Thomas, and Evans/diggs personally. Brown just sets it apart for me. After Brown you can go RB heavy for several rounds and then come back to WR later where there is plenty of values I think