10 team Standard PPR League - Rate my Team

Drafting from the 5 spot. Let me know how I did.

QB - R. Wilson
RB - Zeke, J. Taylor, M. Sanders // T. Pollard and M. Mack (Handcuffs)
WR- J. Jefferson, T. McLaurin, B. Aiyuk, Marquise Brown, Claypool, W. Fuller, Devonta Smith
TE - Tonyan
DEF - Saints
K - Zuelein

Went a little WR heavy I know

Might have liked to see another depth RB that WASN’T a handcuff (I would have stopped with Pollard), but I get the idea. Just seems like any more than one and teams end up dropping them at some point to cover bye weeks and other injuries and whatnot anyway. I mean, it’s a long time until Week 14, but Taylor, Sanders and Mack all share a Week 14 bye. What are you going to do, start Zeke and Pollard? And then you’ll be covering byes at QB, TE, D and K in four different weeks–can you really hold Mack all year just in case?

I dunno, just not a big fan of the strategy. I’d rather have players with stand-alone value.

But hey, I like Taylor a lot better as a RB2 than as the RB1 some teams have tried to make him.

And yeah, your WRs are deep, if perhaps lacking what would be considered a real headliner in a 10 team league. You should at least have 3 top 15ish WRs.


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Yeah I totally understand and respect the critique! I wasn’t the most satisfied with my pull, but overall I feel decent. I would’ve liked more RB depth for sure but getting into those later rounds, no one appealed to me.

And the only reason I doubled down on handcuffs was because I got burned last year by not drafting McCaffrey’s backup! :grimacing: (idiot!) I agree I doubt I hang on to Mack longer than a couple weeks unless something tragic happens.

I agree about Week 14 but am banking on my team looking a lot different by then.

Thanks for the review, I’ll take the B grade! It’s better than the grade NFL.com gave me haha.

Never trust a draft analyzer.