10 Team Startup Dynasty, $25, 0.5 PPR, 4 FLEX - EDIT: FULL

EDIT: All full up. Thanks guys!

I’m starting a new dynasty league, ten teams, $25 buy-in, 0.5 PPR, 4 FLEX.

Roster: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 4 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 TE. No DEF or K. 25 Bench spots, 2 IR, 3 TAXI. 40 Man rosters total.

Scoring: 0.5 PPR, standard scoring otherwise, NO points for special teams yards or TDs.

Payouts: $3 highest score per week THROUGH WEEK 16 ($48 total). $107 first, $65 second, $30 third.

Two divisions, six team playoffs. Division winners get first round bye. Every team plays division rivals twice during the season, and other teams once for a thirteen week season.

FAAB of $100, carries over from year to year. Waiver clear every day 12 PM Eastern, and clear for first time following games Tuesday, end of day. Trade deadline week 11.

Future rookie draft order will be: Winner of consolation bracket takes 1.01, consolation 2nd place 1.02. Consolation third and fourth take 1.03 and 1.04, with tiebreaker being worse regular season record. Playoff teams take 1.05 through 1.10 in reverse order of playoff finish, with same tiebreaker.

Initial draft will be vets first, eight hours per pick. Rookies after, snaking for inaugural year only (linear in following years), four rounds.

Reply here, or message me via email at rbbeagles13@gmail.com if interested.

Do you know what platform you will use?

Using sleeper, dues paid on LeagueSafe.