10 team superflexibel dynasty tiered ppr startup

Hello! I am starting a new dynasty league with a 50$ buy in and first 2 years paid up front via league safe. It will be a 10 team superflex league with a tiered ppr scoring format and bonuses for 40+ yard plays. No kickers or defenses. It will be hosted on the sleeper app. See rules and scoring below.


Scoring will be similar to ESPN default scoring with the exception of 6 points for a passing touchdown and 2 points for a 40+ yard play.
Each reception point will be awarded based on the length of reception.
0-4 yard reception +.25
5-9 yard reception +.5
10-19 yard reception +1
20-29 +1.25
30-39 +1.5
40+ +2

League Rules


This will be a faab system with a 1000$ budget granted at the begging of each season and during the offseason. No amount of faab will roll over from season to season or season to offseason and vice versa. Waivers run daily at 9am pacific.


The regular season will be held between weeks 1-14. Each weak you will face your opponent as scheduled but with another matchup against the league average score. You can go 2-0 1-1 or 0-2 in any given week. Playoffs start week 15. There will be 1 division for all 10 teams. The top 6 teams make the playoffs with the top 2 seeds receiving a first round bye. The playoffs will reseed so the highest seed always plays the lowest seed. The championship will be held in week 17. (18 week season.)


The draft will begin Friday May 21st at 5pm eastern. It will be a slow draft with 8 hours per pick. The draft clock will be paused over night from 9pm eastern - 6am eastern. Draft picks may still be made during this clock pause. The draft order will be randomized once everyone is in the league. If the league is not filled by Friday may 21st then it will be pushed back to the following Friday may 28th. There will be an initial draft with vets only and then a supplemental rookie draft of 5 rounds in the following weeks (date tbd). The rookie draft order will be the reverse order of the startup draft. It will be a linear draft. Every year a rookie draft will be held with the order being determined by the final standings. The first four picks will be given to the four teams that do not make the playoffs. Last place gets the first pick and so on. The next picks will be determined in order of the playoffs. The champion will get the 10th pick and the runner up getting the 9th and so on.

League Dues

There will be a yearly fee of 50$. 2 years must be paid upfront prior to the start up draft via league safe (a total of 100$). All transactions will be held on league safe. No refunds will be made unless a valid reason is present such as leaving for military or death of a loved one or any other reason I may hold acceptable. Following the initial two years if you would like to continue playing the league fee of 50$ will need to be paid by everyone before offseason moves can begin. If you do not wish to continue playing you must make it publicly know to the league so we can find a replacement for you ASAP. Payouts will go as follows: 1st place 400$ 2nd place 100$.


Rosters will be made up of 10 starters.
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
There will be 15 bench spots and 5 ir spots. Players out due to covid are ir eligible. 5 taxi spots will be added after the startup draft to accommodate rookies. Players with no more than 2 years of experience are eligible for taxi spots. All taxi spot players must be placed in the taxi slot prior to week 1 of the regular season. You may remove players from the taxi slot at anytime but may not add players to taxi during the regular season. After 2 years of eligibility you must determine to keep that player on your active roster or cut them. Positional eligibility is determined by the sleeper app and will not be changed by the league.


Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated in any way and will result in immediate expulsion from the league and forfeiture of any league dues. Trash talking and ball busting is fine but only in good fun.

Trades will be processed as soon as the commissioner sees the trade has been accepted. No trade will be vetoed unless clear collusion is evident. Anyone partaking in said collusion will be removed from the league. Examples of collusion include but are not limited to trading players or picks to another team in order to give that team an unfair advantage over the rest of the league, making trades that clearly worsen your team in order to bolster another, or dropping star players or your entire roster to add to free agency waivers.

Any rule changes must be presented to the league in the offseason and a vote will be held. In order to get a general league rule change to pass we will need a super majority vote meaning 8/10 people must vote to change said rule. Any major rule changes such as scoring or roster changes must be a unanimous decision.

Any situation that may occur and is not covered in these rules will be handled at the discretion of the commissioner in any way he may deem acceptable in the best interest of the league.

I would like to start a fun league with active and engaged members. Please contact me on this forum or on the sleeper app where this league will be held if you are interested in joining this league.
Sleeper username: garvey69