10 Team Value

Hey guys thoughts on shallower leagues, does having only 10 teams make getting elite level talent like Rogers, Gronk more valuable to make a difference weekly? Normally I wait on TE and QB but thinking in a shallow league, redraft, to reach a little might be smarter?

With Gronk it absolutely does. He scores a significant difference than every other TE. At QB, it’s a little bit harder to tell. First, you don’t know who it’s going to be with the same confidence. However, the real issue is that if you’re only starting 1 QB per team, then you’re only talking about 10 starting QBs in the whole league. On a week to week basis, you can play matchups at the position and often times outscore the “great” QBs when they have poor matchups.


I prefer to have my advantages be at the position with the most weekly starters. In most cases that is the WRs and RBs. A small advantage at QB/TE can quickly be over-came with advantages at 2-3 RB/WR spots.

So, the answer is NO. Positional scarcity drives value. There are 20-24 reasonable weekly QB starters. With only 10 total required starters across the league, the value of QBs actually DECREASES in a shallow league. even if half the owners draft 2 QBs, there are still only 15-16 off the board. You will have the ability to get a solid starter at QB, even in the last few rounds.

As Jason said, Gronk is typically a weekly advantage at the position, but you also only have to play against the team with Gronk once, maybe twice, whereas you need to face 4-5 RB/WRs every week.