10 team vs 12 team draft strategy

I typically play in 12+ team leagues but got invited to play in a 10 team league. Does the draft strategy change with 10 vs 12? I did a few mocks and see ALOT of good options in later rounds. Is it worth getting the 2-5 extra points for top positional players like Rodgers, Gronk, Kelce? Everyone will have an all star team so these players may give an advantage.

Also, looks like there is a sharper decline in top WRs than with RBs after the first few rounds. Should I lock down 2 stud WRs in the top 4 rounds and then load up with guys like Drake, Collins, Ajayi, and the rookie RBs in the mid rounds?

This is a 0.5 PPR with 3 WR slots, 2 RB slots, and 1 WR/RB/TE flex. There is also 1 point bonus for every 25 return yards.