10 tm free Dynasty Start up on Sleeper

Hi All!

I’ve been scrolling through the boards and see there are alot of people looking to play Dynasty just like me. I’ve always been a redraft player and am looking for something new. I started a free dynasty league on Sleeper and am looking for invested players that want to have a good time but don’t want to pay to do so!!

The league is, though I am open for discussion, a Super Flex with a 15 man bench.

I am really excited to play in a dynasty league and am hoping the footclan doesn’t let me down!!

My sleeper name is zjohnson419 let me know if you’re interested!!

Sign me up :+1:

I sent you a request on sleeper

Send me your sleeper info and Ill add you

I sent you the league invite

My sleeper is Mouse2587

Sorry dude, I’m UK so draft times no good for me. Don’t want to spoil the draft for everyone else by being on auto. Cheers though

No problem Mouse, that time isnt set i stone if theres any other time that works for you. Not sure of the time difference to the UK though

Any spots left??

Sent you a friend invite on sleeper! Squirrel54

Definitely interested in this

The league is full now. Thanks everyone!