$100 12-Team Start-Up Dynasty, SF, 2TE Premium - Sleeper - LEAGUESAFE (FULL)

10 starters (QB, 2RB, 3WR, 2TE, Flex, SF). PPR + .6 TE PPR. - SLEEPER

I am a very active owner and expect all who join to be very active as well.

6 pt pass and all TDs
1.6 TE PPR

$100 FAAB waivers.

I will hold votes for:
Waivers (Daily or weekly), Divisions (0 or 1) and any suggestions that are deemed good to vote on. But, just in case, do not join if you are not comfortable with the rules as is.

All teams must be paid for 2021 and 2022 before start up draft. This will be done through LEAGUESAFE and the links will be pinned in the chat if you join. Start up draft will be ASAP. All drafts will be 8 hour picks with overnight timer stoppage (picks can still be made) Start up draft will be snake and every draft after will be linear.

Vets and rookie picks will be selected during the start-up draft. Rookie picks will be in the form of kickers. Whoever selects the 1st kicker will receive the 1.01, the next kicker will be the 1.02 and so on.

Draft order will be created by one click of the “randomize order”.

Trading during drafts will be permitted.

Payouts will be:
Champion - $820
2nd Place - $200
Overall Top Scorer from weeks 1-13 (or 14) - $50
Weekly top scorer - $10 (x13 = $130) (or ×14)

Regular season weeks will be determined when the NFL schedule is officially released to compensate for byes, etc.

All trades will be instant and only be overturned on the most egregious of circumstances (I have never overturned one)

Draft pick order for every year following this year will be determined by Total Max Points during the regular season, then Points Against. This ensures that the team with the lowest point total possible will be the 1.01 to help prevent tanking.

Any additional questions, feel to ask.

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