$100 buy-in Contract League Open

I’m looking for members to fill a 12 team contract league with $100 buy-in. In the startup (and each subsequent) draft, each player is signed to a 1-4 year contract for a specific salary. There is a salary cap that mirrors the actual NFL’s salary cap every year. This year it’s about $188,000,000. If you’ve ever done an auction draft with a $200 salary cap, the values are close to this- just add the zeroes to the salaries. There is a rookie draft (though I don’t think there’ll be one in year 1), franchise tags, extensions, dead cap, etc. The format is designed to mimic an actual GM experience as much as possible, and it’s really fun! The site is realitysportsonline.com. Please respond/ contact me for more info. My email is: smschuster85@gmail.com

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