$100 FootClan ESPN League - winner takes all cash plus real championship belt

$100 FootClan Money league needs members. 12 team, PPR scoring
snake draft on Sept 3rd, 4pm pst.
Randomized order at the start of the draft
Buy in is $100 with Leaguesafe + $10 for league champ belt
It’s a winner takes all cash + Champ Belt, no runner ups!
We’ll order from the belt company and have them ship directly to the winner.
Trash talk is encouraged, but it’s all about that belt!
Leave your email on this thread and I’ll send you an invite!

Im in depending on time of draft.

I haven’t set the time yet because I Just launched it but I’m setting it now. What time works for you?

I’m thinking 12pm pst.

How many you got so far and I’m assuming belt would be shipped for out of state guys?

We’ll just order it from the belt company and have them ship it directly to the winner.

How many people so far and will draft position be randomized?

2 so far, yes it’s going to randomize the order at the start of the draft.

I could do it If it was later in the day, anytime after 4pm pst

4pm pst sounds good

how many people will we have now

are you in?

Yes, as long as there are enough people

any update? is this draft happening?

It doesn’t look like it. Probably too expensive for most peeps. It’s a shame cause this league had a belt on the line. Oh well man, that’s how it goes sometimes. maybe I’ll try it again for less money or something.