$100 Redraft needs 1 members (10th year)

As stated in the topic, this is the 10th year of my home redraft league. We have been trying to fill with people we know in real life, but it seems every year we have to replace 1-2 people because they aren’t active enough or have something come up.

League Info:
Entry: $100 - Due before the draft, no exceptions
Payout: $600/300/100 for 1st/2nd/3rd
League Size: 10-team .5ppr
Roster Comp: 1 QB/ 4 WR/ 3 RB/ 1 TE/ 1 Flex(W/R/T)/ 1 K/ 3 DL or LB/ 3 DB/ 5 Bench

We make changes to settings/rules yearly. I take suggestions from everyone and then we vote with majority winning, ties remain unchanged. I’m getting a late start this year so not sure how much of that I’ll have time for this year but the quicker I can fill these 2 slots the more time I have to do the voting for changes.

I’m interested!
My email is hhmaung@gmail.com


I emailed you so we could connect if you are still interested.

Still looking for 1 more. In case it wasn’t clear in the original post, this league has IDP positions.

Still looking for 1 team. Draft looking like it’ll be Mon/Tuesday of opening week.