10th pick in 14-team Mock Draft - how did I do?

10th pick…drafted up to Round 10 then I had to leave the computer and autodrafted the rest

Rd1: Julio Jones (WR)
Rd2: Dalvin Cook (RB)
Rd3: Robert Woods (WR)
Rd4: David Montgomery (RB)
Rd5: Miles Sanders (RB)
Rd6: Dede Westbrook (WR)
Rd7: Matt Breida (RB)
Rd8: Dante Pettis (WR)
Rd9: Kalen Ballage (RB)
—Auto Draft from here*----
Rd10: Tom Brady
Rd11: Mark Andrews
etc etc.

I love the picks here
Solid picks with Julio and Woods and you got a shot to grab a great one in the making with DEDE
Cook is a good and taking a shot on David and sanders might come back to bite ya
Don’t like the brieda pick though just doesn’t show me good signs from him at all
Overall draft B-
Mediocre RBs

Thanks for the feedback.

You aren’t high on Montgomery or Sanders? They seem to be up and coming backs and the ballers rank them relatively high too all things considered.

When I got to Breida my other RB choices were … Peyton Barber, Murray, McCoy, D.Henderson, Ito Smith, Carlos Hyde…thoughts?

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think you did a banging job for a 14 man, maybe some more WR core, but between julio and woods, should be set week to week and maybe flex westbrook, he will get a lot of balls in the offense.

sanders is gonna do work up there this year.

Only reason I don’t like sanders is because it could very well be a committee . Howard , Sanders and now Clement getting back into the mix
I’m an eagles fan at heart and LOVE SANDERS but I can’t draft him because it’ll be heartbreak when they don’t use him around the goal line, although I do believe later in the year around week 8-9 he’ll maybe have a name for himself in the offense as a #1

And David I like because he’s a good back but I believe Tarik is still a great RB so his game will be shadowed by Cohen , that’s my only hate toward him,
Both RBs have a chance to be great
But the timing is off right now with both offenses trying to establish themselves

Interesting you say that about Montgomery because Matt Nagy just came out saying maybe they overused Cohen too often last year, and that might mean more work for Montgomery …

@MikeMeUpp yet another year of Fantasy football my friend. I’m not sure if you remember me but we had lots of good discussion on here last year.

I value your insight, what do you think of my mock draft above? ^

Hey man! Ofc I remember you. Had to apologize for my disrespect to Thielen.

I really like the start to your draft from Round 1-2. But you know me and I like my Zero RB so i would’ve liked to stack JJ with like OBJ or JJSS or something.

I like woods but not sure if I would’ve taken at 3 although seems like you were at tail end of 3 so not bad. And it’s 14 man league so it’s almost like 4th so actually do like woods there. He’s just outside my top 12 WRs right now.

I’m not a big fan of Monty or Sanders personally and definitely not at the 4th round price for Monty but if those are your guys, I’m fine with you taking them there.

What were options around for Dede? Not sure if I would’ve taken him there. Instead of taking DeDe, i’d much prefer someone like John Brown who is much cheaper and offers a very similar production profile.

I absolutely love Breida. Always have, and even moreso now that McKinnon is gone. Although 7th may have been a bit early, that’s roughly like 8th round ADP I think you may have been able to get 1 round later but I’m fine reaching a bit on him to make sure you secure him.

Don’t like pettis at all tbh. Only catcher I want on that team is Kittle and Breida. I absolutely hate Ballage. I think he’s trash and Drake is the guy to own there assuming he plays eventually. The talen gap is massive. Ballage is on my do not draft list. If I miss on him so be it but I don’t see him being successful in the NFL. Instead of Ballage, I think you can get someone like Pollard there who has pretty huge upside and is just way better as a talent.

I think we have some decent options at TE this year. Instead of getting Monty/Sanders where you did, I would target Engram. I absolutely love him this year as the teams best WR and OBJ gone.

Again, this is all just my own conjecture. Hope it helps and happy drafting!

How do you handle the zero RB strategy?? I’m very interested because I have a shot to take Julio or Thomas at number 7 in my draft , I can pair one of them with like a Hilton or a Juju which makes me wonder if I should? I also have Chubb as my round 13 keeper

Approach to drafts are always about understanding your tiers and letting the value fall. I don’t go into a draft and plant my flag for ZeroRB. I just find that if I am picking late (1.08 or later), the best players available are typically the WRs who I have in my tier 1.

And then when it gets back to me in the 3rd/4th rounds, it’s the same story. I’d much rather be getting guys like Diggs/Cooks/Woods/Thielen over like Derrick Henry Mack etc.

Basically you can only implement ZeroRB if you play in half or full ppr leagues and if you can at least start 4 WRs (3 WR + Flex or 2WR + 2Flex). And you pull the trigger on 3 elite WRs and potential WR1s from the early rounds at a minimum and then draft a lot of upside RBs in the middle to late rounds.

The fact that you have Chubb makes ZeroRB almost like cheating cause you have a top 6 RB to go with your 3 Elite WRs.

Also, JJSS and Hilton are not in the same tier so I’d be careful bucketing them. My Top tier WRs are: Adams, Nuk, OBJ, JJSS, Evans, MT, Hill. So would be looking to exit first 2 rounds with at least 2 of those guys.