10th spot 12 man full ppr zero rb?

I’m thinking

JuJu (if Julio is gone)

My keeper it’s Aaron Jones.

Plan on going 5 rbs out of the following 7 rounds.

Let me know what adjustments you’d make if any, thanks!

I was the 10th pick in a 12 man league, no keeper but i did end up with Aaron Jones haha. But I went wr/rb/rb/rb and I feel like there was still great receiver options at that time and i solidified my running back core. In drafts that i dont take running backs early, i dont like what i end up with. Just personally speaking.

My first pick was Devante Adams, 2nd was James Connor, Devanta Freeman 3rd, and Aaron Jones fell to me in the 4th round and i couldn’t let him go. I still feel like I ended up with great receiving options to

Was that 12 man league a standard league? Cuz there’s no way I’m gonna be able to get Davante, he’s my #1 but he’ll be gone by 7th pick.

Also, James Conner is a different owners keeper otherwise he’d be a prime target. If I went RB heavy instead of Kelce, I’d be looking at cook or Mixon, then josh jacobs in the 3rd (hopefully) and then like sony or maybe Coleman.

Basically the projections I’ve added per the UDK gives me a higher ceiling, but I may need at least 1 Top RB.