11/21 Deadline, 2 Playoff Rosters, Any Improvements?

The playoff push is here and like others, I am looking for criticism on these two teams that will likely take me into playoffs. For example, where should I be pushing to upgrade at and who to use? Also, I am having a hard time trading players like Tate/ Howard away. What value should I be looking for when using these guys in trades?

Team 1 : 2RB - 3WR - 1FLEX

QB: Bortles aka weekly stream
RB: Barkley, A. Jones, Howard, Lindsay
WR: Hilton, Tate, Sutton, Davis, Miller
TE: Engram
DST: Ravens
K: Lutz

Team 2 : 2RB - 2WR - 1FLEX

QB: Ryan
RB: Kamara, Gordon, Michel, Ekeler, McGuire
WR: OBJ, Allen, Cooks, Sutton, Ridley, Kirk, Enunwa
TE: Howard
DST: Chargers
K: Lutz

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