11th Pick - 12 Man Half- PPR Punt RB?

I usually hate questions like this because it’s always so vague. Obviously it depends on how the board plays in my snake draft, but I’d like some insight.

My 12 man league is usually incredibly RB heavy. I really dislike the back end of the first round RBs , it’s not like i hate the players, but in the first and second rounds i hate grabbing guys like Eckler, mixon, Chubb etc. Does anybody else feel this way about their mock drafts this year?

My main strategy in mocks is grabbing a Tyreek/Diggs and maybe the occasional Jonathon Taylor if he falls and grabbing Hopkins/Diggs at the turn. It feels safer that i know i’m getting a sure thing. Discuss?

If you can get Chubb at the 1.11 in a 12-team that is great value, imho.

Chubb missed 4 games last year and still ended up at the RB9 (standard)/RB11 (PPR). Chubb also receives some passing work. He only had 16 rec last year, but in 2019 he had 36 rec. If Chubb can stay around that rec 30+ rec number that is servicable for half-PPR.

I would absolutely take Chubb at the 1.11 in a half-PPR format.

I’ve tried something similar before two times one worked out perfectly one was a failure. The mistake was I didn’t let the board change my strategy. Like the footballers say stay water.