11th Pick- 2 WR?

12 team PPR snake redraft (no keepers), I have the 11th pick. Knowing my league, people will probably over-commit to scooping the RBs before my pick (I don’t really blame them). Do I pivot and take the value if OBJ and Jones/Allen are available at the turn? Chances are slim OBJ falls to me, but I value all three of the above names more than the crew I’ll most likely be picking from for RB (Fournette, Cook, Devonta Freeman)

If I were in your position, assuming a Gordon, Kamara doesn’t fall to you, I would go OBJ/Hopkins were they there. With your second round pick, if Fournette or Hunt were there that would probably be my pick (if you’re in full PPR I would also like CMC there as well). Otherwise, I would probably just go Keenan, Julio or Michael Thomas. Good luck.

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You could just take BPA there, and that will probably be receivers if you are right about your league.

but remember…it’s a looong wait to pick again and there might not be much desirable RB meat for you when you pick again in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

So the real question is: do you have the stomach to go to war with two of the following as your starting RB’s? Alex Collins (if he falls to you), Kenyan Drake, Jay Ajayi, Lamar Miller, and Derrick Henry?

You could also take the best WR first and then have your pick – possibly – of McCaff, Dalvin, Devonta, Howard, and Mixon…OR…you could take the best RB available at 11 and then have your pick – possibly – of Julio, Thomas, Keenan, and Davante.

I would create a list of the players (WR and RB) in order and then make sure you get the top RB and top WR possible on your list. Unless your league goes all in on RBs you should get at least one of Fournette/Gordon/Hunt/Cook and one of Hopkins/OBJ/Jones/Thomas/Adams. I favor RBs with first and second, even getting two of list of RBs would be good, then drafting WRs 3.4.5.