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11th pick in std league? QB?


I have the 11th pick in a standard 12 person league (QB 6pt/TD) obviously all the stud RBs and WR are gone… Should I go for the top QB then best available RB/WR at the turn? Or stick with the RB>WR>RB/WR strategy and pick QB later?


Depending on how each draft goes, I may not get a quarterback until the 10-11 round. Definitely pick up on those 2-3 tier RB and WR’s. Do you have the Ultimate Draft Kit? This will help, as well as the articles.
Of course if that’s what you’re wanting to do, to get a Brees, or Brady go for it but wait a few rounds. Check out the average draft position for players, so you don’t go earlier than you have to.


Thanks, Downloading the draft kit now!

My mock drafts are giving me RB’s like Howard and Ajayi and if I’m lucky M.Evans & AJ Green at the turn, but A.Rodgers and Brady are still there and at 6pt per TD I’m thinking that could make up for some tier 3 guys. Gut tells me to stick to the late QB strategy but it’s hard knowing I wont have any tier 1 players :slight_smile:


Stick with the late qb. That Ajayi/Howard and Evans/Thomas combo is an excellent foundation.


The absolute earliest you should even entertain the notion of drafting a qb is the 3rd round. 6 point td does not change that at all. At the 11th spot you are going to secure two elite rb/wrs at the 1/2 turn and will have a fine start to your draft.


I’d much rather have some sort of RB/WR combo from those you listed above and not a QB that early. You’ll be perfectly fine waiting for Stafford or Andy Dalton or even Dak can fall that low.


Thanks guys! You’re right… I’ll wait on a QB