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11th pick or 3rd pick?


I have the 11th pick in a 12-team .5 PPR draft. Another owner is offering to switch slots to the 3rd pick, should I take this offer?


I like drafting later. Unless you can guarantee Bell or Gurley with that 3rd pick, I’d stay put. You can stack a couple of top tier guys with that 11 spot.


I’m doing it. Guaranteed one of Gurley, bell, DJ, or zeke is too strong. The turn will usually net you green, or Evan’s. Both should be wr1s, with top 5 potential. Then next turn you have the freedom to take best pick available between RB and WR


3rd pick is great because you get Zeke. I would do it in a heart beat because Zeke could easily be the number 1 back this year. No one you are going to get will be the number 1 anything unless you take Gronk super early. Take the stud at 3 and be happy. You might get someone like AJ Green or Gronk in the 2nd and then pair that with getting McCoy or one of the Vikings WR I like that team better than getting Hopinks/OBJ/Julio/Cook/Hunt plus someone like Hill or Fitz. Give me the stud all day long.