11th spot, 12 team, half ppr keeper league

Looking at the RB keepers in this league include:

Mack, Miles Sanders, Conner, Aaron Jones, Singletary, Hunt, Kamara, Drake, Hines, Carson, Mostert, Ekeler and Chubb.

I have the 11th and 14th overall pick. What do you do?

The options I am looking at around there could be Mixon, Lev Bell, Gordon, Fournette, DJ, Gurley, Ingram, JTT.

Out of all those RBs the only ones I really would take are Mixon or JTT. Maybe Ingram.

This is assuming that Jacobs, Henry or CEH do not fall to me at the 11th.

I’d take Ingram out of your consideration, as they drafted Dobbins and still have Edwards and Hill in that running back room. I think it is more likely than not that Dobbins starts to eat into Ingrams volume as the year progresses. Out of that crew of RB’s, Mixon is the clear cut first choice, but after that both DJ and Fournette have relatively low draft costs with pretty high upside. Fournette in particular is coming off his best year yet (with his only regression being TD’s, but that can easily be turned around) and his backup is passing-down specialist back Chris Thompson. He’s essentially a bellcow with one of the lowest prices of the starting RBs. DJ is more of a passing back than a bellcow and the Texans hate throwing to the RB but it could very well be a bounce-back season if he’s feeling motivated after being traded and his main competition is just Duke Johnson who isn’t exactly a huge threat.

I’m steering clear of Bell, Gurley, and Gordon unless i can get them at a value pick, as they are all likely to be in pretty evenly split timeshares.

Thank you!

And to be clear, on the WR side - MT, Tyreek Hill, Hopkins, Julio, Adams, Golladay, Godwin, Evans are NOT keepers.

So, do you go Tier 1 WR with the 1.11 pick then Kelce with the 2.2 pick then roll the dice and hope that DJ or Fournette falls to the 3.11 position?

Seems like DJ or Fournette is too much of a reach at 1.11 or 2.2 and I’ll be passing on Hill/Hopkins/Julio/Adams in that range…

I’d say yes, as i just did a mock draft and coincidently picked from the 11th spot and Fournette was my pick in round 3, DJ was taken 2 picks after that. Of course it’s league dependant with some luck mixed in as well, but ADP wise at least 1 of them has the chance of falling to you.

Personally i don’t see the value in drafting a TE so early even if it’s the #1 TE, you could get tier 1 WR and then also get Godwin or Evans in the second round and be loaded at WR. I don’t like getting a TE before the 5th round but that’s my personal preference. There’s plenty of later round TE’s that will fall in drafts, Kelce Kittle and Ertz/Andrews will go quick but you could get Waller or Gesecki in round 5-6 or Jonnu Smith/Hunter Henry in the double digit rounds

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Well after the news that dropped this morning it looks like my response didn’t age well lol

Sorry for any leagues that drafted yesterday. Our league always drafts the day after Labor Day, keepers due day before Labor Day

Coming back to this thread since all the RB keepers in my league are already listed. Mock draft has me going 0 RB for 1/2. DJ gone mid-2nd round.

For the 3.11 spot, do you go with JTT, Akers or Ingram first then go with either JTT or Ingram or Dak in 4.2 spot?

If those were my only choices i’d go Taylor for sure in the Third, and then Ingram in the 4th. I wanted to say Akers but after doing some quick research it’s looking more like Malcom Brown ends up being the more used back in the RBBC. Ingram might lose carries to Dobbins down the line, and the inverse may be true for Akers, but you need firm starting RB production in the beginning of the year so Ingram is the safer bet. You can always draft dobbins later potentially to secure the ravens backfield, or some late round diamonds in the rough