11th spot in a SuperFlex

Ugh- I used to love the wrap arounds but I’m really not looking forward to this draft. 11th pick out of 12 in .5PPR- 6 points passing and rushing TDs. I’m hoping everyone goes QB heavy so I can at least get some good value at RB/WR but man- I don’t know. Or maybe grab a RB and an elite QB.
I know last year I took my QBs late and I spent the whole year trying to catch up with QB points.

What spots do you guys hate the most?

It’s going down tonight!

Is this a PPR? If RB and QB go heavy in the first round, you could find yourself with some stud receivers available near that first turn.

I think I hate being in the middle the most because it feels kinda vanilla (if that makes sense).

There’s something exciting about being at the turn because it feels like there’s more pressure on the picks given that you have to wait a fortnight for it to get back around to you. I kind of dig needing to reach on guys who I want because it tests your convictions a bit on the players you like.

All-in-all, free agency and aggressive trading can make up for a “meh” draft, so it’s all the same really. I’m at the front of one upcoming draft (#1) and the back of another (#9), so I may change my tune if I strike out in these two drafts coming up.

Good luck tonight.

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Haha- thanks man. I’ve never been at a top of a draft. I feel like I always get the mid or the end.

This is a .5PPR. Passing and Rushing TDs are both 6 points so it’s worth getting a QB but at the same time, picks are -3 points so that balances it out (unless your QB doesn’t turn the ball over- duh).

I honestly have never started a draft with WR. You’re right, I might have to change my tone for tonight.


CRASH N BURN! That’s how my drafting went. I got Jonathan Taylor and Najee Harris with my first 2 picks. Terry and Keenan Allen with my next 2. TJ Hock. And then I just kept drafting WR until my first QB was Tua. By then, I knew I was doomed.
Trevor Lawrence is my second QB. Maybe I’m being dramatic but I sure hope these QBs perform well. I am really high on Tua but I was hoping he’d be my second or third QB.
Oh well!

I would have gone for Tannehill as he goes pretty late in most drafts. I love both Taylor and Najee picks, as well as Keenan Allen. Terrible Terry not so much. But all in all it sounds pretty much like a middle of the pack team, so you will have to be a waiver warrior during the season

I was trying to. He went way earlier than I expected. I just never adjusted in taking QBs.

Oh you’re not a Terry fan!? Dang- I love him. And yeah I agree with the middle of the pack team. Other teams that dominate in QB position, are weaker in most other positions.

Waiver Warrior sounds like a good name for this team!

I like him well enough, but not as a 3rd rounder

Oh yeah- huge WR run there and I just went for him. He’s pretty dominant so we’ll see.
I can see it as a reach though.

I just looked back at that draft- Tannehill went right after Terry pick. Superflexes are wild.