12-14 Team 1/2 PPR - Would love to Join

Bonjour! If you’re Looking For a Canadian to play with (that sounded wrong) I’d be up for joining a league!


I have a full PPR dynasty(Actually the 2nd startup I’m going with the fact I had interest after the 1st one was full. Once we have enough I will fire it up. Let me know if you have any interest in more details and I’ll send them over to you!

I’m interested.


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@BigBlueDavidson Tagged in my post thread. Check it out!

Yoo I wanna join a serious dynasty league

tagged you in a post. Might be filled as I have a few responses to still go through, but check out the details and let me know if interested and I will have you on the list, and if it’s not full from the previous replies, I’ll let you know.

9857725650 text me if interested in my 12 man PPR league

Free league. Just playing for the love of the game