12 Dynasty/SF/Devy - Unique league to break the mold - 3 SLOTS


This is a very unusual league. I wanted something completely different from other leagues I am in, and I think this is it. Looking for open minded and active owners.

The basic rundown.

Format: 12 team dynasty / 1QB / 8 FLEX / 1 SuperFlex / Devy
Scoring: Tiered PPR scoring with a TE premium and special team’s points.
Draft Format: Slow Auction Draft for rookies and vets once filled. We’ll figure out devy afterwards.
Dues: Voting now on $20 / $25 / $30

Items Of Note.

The big push is almost a full flex lineup (1SF slot) with a devy component. The 8 Flex / 1 SF let’s you have extreme control over the roster to draft how you want. We do allow for special teams points. That is, if your guy runs a punt back you get those points as well as whatever else he does at his position. Please do look at the league scoring settings.

Devy: The General Idea.

Devy is something I’ve not done, but was curious about. I did not want to join an existing devy league as I think being new to those waters is too difficult and I would be behind the eight ball. If you have not played devy, but are interested, this might be for you!

4 devy slots which comprise your TAXI, but we might add a few more. If one of your dev players comes in to the league and you want him, he takes your first rookie pick for that year. If another player does, he takes your second. If no one comes up, you can draft rookies like normal. You cannot take someone from another teams devy roster unless they are not drafting him already.

Auction Draft.

Our initial draft for rookies and vets will be an auction draft. This helps make sure people are not blocked from getting a guy they want simply due to draft order. This helps you have a chance to construct the roster you want and not just chose from whomever is left when it is your turn to pick.


You can always DM me: @octoberland