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12 man Dynasty Start-up, how did I do?


My roster:
Qb’s - Stafford, Dalton
Rb’s - Gurley, Anderson, Perkins (aka, Smash Jackson), Stewart, Joe Williams, James Conner
Wr’s - Jones, Robinson, Adams, Pryor, Garcon, Enunwa, Golladay, Coleman
Te - Graham


QB - Solid, love this combination.
RB - You are really going to have to play match-ups here for year 1, and you better hope Perkins or Williams breaks out.
WRs - I really like this line-up, just make sure you get a few more younger guys in future
TE - Not a fan


Hey, thanks for the feedback. It’s a 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te and 1 flex (rb,wr,te) starting lineup so I’m intending to flex a wr or maybe even flip one for a solid rb.


As mentioned, RB is your weak point. That said, I like the James Conner pick with Bell heading toward free agency. You could potentially still have a hit in Todd Gurley, too. I think he gets better just by virtue of Jeff Fisher not being the coach. I still don’t know what to make of C.J. Anderson but he’s a guy that could be an RB1 if everything breaks right. I’m very indifferent to Perkins. Get the JAG feeling from him but he has a nice opportunity in front of him so he might be a sell-high candidate after a couple of good weeks.

Golladay will be a great pick at some point. I think he can ball.