12 man Indianapolis startup

Wanting to get together a league for Indianapolis wold like to have live draft with enough interest. 0.5ppr 12 man (see how many we get) all buy in thinking $25 for first year and if we get a great group of guys/gals we can make it keeper or just keep redraft going for years. If I get enough interest soon I’ll start sending out invites. Bring your friends if they are active players.

I’ve tried to do this before with just the state of Indiana and haven’t had much luck.

I’m in if we can get enough but Ive never got more than like 1-2 responses for even just Indiana…

Good luck mate

I am from Chicago but went to school in Indianapolis. I visit there all the time and could have a friend or two that would be interested also. I prefer 10 team re draft but open to 12 team. Live draft sounds good also. Let me know if you get the league together!


Sweet thanks for the response. Ill keep you posted. If you have any questions feel free to ask and let me know how many spots you need. Otherwise ill let you know as soon as i get it all up. Would you be able to be in indy at some point during the preseason thinking around week 3 or 4.


I most definitely can! Keep me posted.


I actually replied to your original post until I noticed it was from over a year ago haha. So far im at 5 with the two responses here so if you have anyone you can bring we should be getting close. Hoping we get another footclan member or two

Definitely interested! Located in Indy and could see if a few friends would want to join as well.

Ok guys seems like we might have around 9 players if you guys want to link your email I can send a link to you there. Once I get everyone in and confirmed we can see how many spots there are left and see what draft date will work for everyone. I’d prefer 12 man but would be happy with 10.


I’m in Noblesville and would be interested. Jebvorhees@att.net

I live right outside indy!

I am looking for players for a $50 Super Dynasty League in ESPN!

Just need your email and cell phone number later!

This is a Snake Draft with IDPs!

If there is still room I am interested in joining. Just moved to Indy and looking for a local league. Email is spelledgeary@gmail.com. Thanks!

Hey if there are openings I’m looking for one more active league. Email me @ brandon.dussia@gmail.com

Hi. As of right now its full. Of we get closer to the draft date (sun 2nd) and someone doesnt pay or cant draft im happy to have you replace them. Cant promise anything at the moment though sorry. You love in indiana i assume?

I live in Franklin but work in indy. Yeah if a spot opens I would be game for another active league. Let me know!