12 man Keep full PPR

This year our league gets to keep 2 players

Who has a better value as a keeper?

Gibson: Loses 5th round pick
JK Dobbins: Loses 7th round pick
Myles Gaskin: Round 16 pick

I’m leaning towards Gibson/Dobbins, but Gaskin for a throw-away pick seems hard to pass up. Can I trust the dolphin offense?

I’d take Dobbins and Gibson as they are still incredible values

Gaskin I wonder if I’m just outside of everybody view but I’m not believing it for him as an Rb2. I honestly think Salvon Ahmed will be involved enough. Both were regularly injured last season and were pretty interchangeable for whoever got the work that week. I think Dolphins go time share and maybe even give Malcolm Brown work too.

Don’t get me wrong at 16th round nothing can go wrong picking Gaskin but I’ll take the guys I think have established roles that might increase.