12 Man league 1-5

I need more feedback. Which of my Rbs should i pair up to upgrade on the WR position?

I would try and package Cooks and Montgomery for someone who’s been disappointing lately like Keenan Allen. Can always add in Marquise Brown to that deal and see if you can get a RB3/4 in return as well. I would avoid sending 2 RBs for a lone WR.

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That is what i just offered, but do you think i should aim for Kupp, or Beckham and give up keryon and cooks?

I think I dig your team. Do not tilt and fire sale people. If you can get a buy low then do it but I’m okay sitting tight with your roster.

Yeah bro I’ve been unlucky, last two weeks i played against defenses that scored over 25 points, and the last four games three of those times I played against the highest scoring team in the week