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12-man PPR $200 Sleeper Start-Up Dynasty / FAAB (One spot remaining)

Hello everyone! We are on the verge of yet another fantasy season and this year, we have opened up a high roller league to test your abilities. Big buy-in, big payouts with multiple ways to at least win your money back.

The owner (Mareek) is hyper active and has commissioned a lot of leagues over the years that I have known him. We take votes on suggested rule changes and address issues quickly.

Draft picks (both veteran and rookie picks) will be able to be traded however, the year that draft pick is in most be paid in full before the trade can be finalized.

The 2020 and 2021 season must be paid in full before we can start the draft ($400 total) We are looking for dedicated and active owners in for the long haul and we ask for commitment. Again, as the league evolves, polls are taken for certain rules changed and adjustments moving forward. Every owner will have a say in this league.

Payout structure

La Champion=$1300

  • Most points scored during our fantasy regular season = $200

  • $200 will go into the BONUS POT - which will be awarded to a team who wins the championship 2 consecutive years. This will grow year after year until it is won. Then it will start again.



No Kickers - No DST


1 pt per 20 yards passin
6 pt passing td
1 pt per 8 yard rushing and receiving
Full PPR

7 owners have paid in full, need only 5 more!

Three more spots

Still three more spots. Veteran draft will be this month and the rookie draft after the NFL draft.

An owner has said he would join in a few days so technically two more spots remain

Two spot officially left

Last spot open. Please message me if interested.

11 owners fully paid up. One more owner needed. Voting will begin immediately following last owner payment and we will vote on the drafting day (no later than the 12th) (3 days)

Hey dark remains, VERY interested in joining… heard the podcast yesterday and checked this out. I’m not as familiar how to navigate but I’ll figure it out. My email is drizz2818@yahoo.com. I have $400 ready to go

So sorry, but the league has already filled and begun. Thank you for the interest though!

Sending you an email with details on my league.

We have one last spot remaining. One person had to back out. We have paused the veteran draft at pick 1.05 and all activity has stopped. The team that is open is pick 1.11 (rookie picks 1.02, 2.11, 3.02 and 4.11). The team has selected no people and has all their picks.

Let me know if you are interested.

We are ready to draft as soon as we get one last owner fully paid. Let’s do this

This still open???

Sorry, this has been filled.