12 Man Roster Help - Need another RB

So i got stuck doing 2 drafts at the same time, and i did okay for the most part but i messed up on RB in my 12 man (only have 3 and 4 is usually what you can get)

So i need help with who to cut. 12 man 1/2pt PPR. Flex is WR/RB only. 1 qb but since everyone grabs and holds it’s easiest to have 2 qbs.
QB1 Stafford
QB2 Rivers
RB2 Mixon
RB3 Lynch
WR2 Hogan
WR3 C. Davis
WR4 Watkins
WR5 R Anderson
WR6 Cupp
WR7 Benjamin

The best options are Duke Johnson, D’onte formeman, Ware, or Gore. I’m open to trying a trade if anyone knows who to target. I’m also okay if i should just roll this out for 2 weeks and see who emerges, just having 3 rbs is way too thin.