12 Team 0.5PPR dynasty startup / Full now, Thanks for the interest

Hey Footclan

looking for active members that want to join a year around active league. We are looking to slow draft once we get the league filled. Looking to do a small buy in, we will vote on the amount.
Want this league to be active and have a sense of comradery. Have some owners from another great league and want to take on a new startup. So if you are up for the challenge keep reading.

Platform: Sleeper
Scoring Format: Half PPR
Waiver Type: FAAB
Snake Draft, vets draft and separate rookie deaft
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
2 Flex
No Kickers

Some bonuses on big play scoring.

Leave your Sleeper Id and I’ll send an invite.


I’d definitely be interested in joining. Been looking for an active dynasty start up. SleeperID - Argonaut19

I’m interested - Sleeper ID willvosler00

Never been in a dynasty league but would be interested if a spot is available

buschcamocans on sleeper

I’m in if space is available - Dcochran1295 on sleeper

I’m interested. Sleeper ID nmhcya

I’m interested if there are still spots. On sleeper at @stuffedshirt412 .