12 team 1/2 PPR Dynasty League (Leaguesafe)

Hi y’all

Starting a 12 team Dynasty league. Already have 8 members – so there are 4 spots left.

League rules are flexible and will be solidified once we have all 12 members figured out.

But we will use LeagueSafe, will probably use ESPN or Sleeper, as of now it is a 30 dollar buy in though again we can vote on it. And it is a 1/2 PPR league. Will probably use whatsapp or groupme to discuss league rules.

Reply to this with your email if you’re interested!


Would like to join if there are still openings. Email is robertnym1027@gmail.com



interested. johntg5@gmail.com

interested dgagouw@hotmail.com

Hey @Pigdaddy Interested! riteshreddyr6@gmail.com Thanks!

Interested, jdees357@gmail.com
Sleeper ID DeezNutz357

Interested, is there a buy in?

Possibly interested if it’s sleeper.

Do you have any initial rules ideas ?

Interested if sleeper

definitely interested. Stevencharlesprice@gmail.com

interested moebeydoun123@outlook.com Sleeper ID:Zeplin

I am so down for this league. Every league I’m in has canceled because of Covid so I need one to join!

My email is:

I am interested if there are spots available. capesiusam23@gmail.com

Interested if there are any spots left… junsgim@gmail.com