12 team 1/2 PPR Help please

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I’m picking #2, it is a 2 keeper 12 team 1/2 ppr with a 3 FLEX ! I have Hopkins and Damien Williams as my keepers. McCafferty and Kamara, Connor are all N/A, and so is Davante Adams. - everyone else is fair game! Since I am losing my #3 pick (hopkins), should I go top 2 WR or top 2 RB on my first two picks? I’m afraid to waste my pick on Zeke since I am sure Barkley will go #1

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do you have to start TE?

I might go Kelce with one of my picks

If not I like Starting DJ and OBJ/Julio/Michael thomas to start your draft.

You have your locked and loaded WR with hopkins and Damien is def a huge boom or bust in my book. So i would look to shore up another studish RB and since its 1/2 ppr id def love to have 2 stud WR

I wa thinking Kelce however taking him #2 was a bit of a stretch -!butbhe May be gone when it comes back around 2nd rd. Then I lose my 3rd round do I am wondering what to do

Thinking all WR until rd 4


If you want to go that route. Id prob employ a 0RB Strategy… Might be able to find some great value.

Read about it here https://fantasysixpack.net/2019-fantasy-football-zero-rb-draft-strategy/

That’s what I was thinking

You read my mind

Would u go Kielce in the 1st round and Wr1-2 in round 2

That would be like selecting 2 WR

Or Julio first round and pray Kielce is there in round 2

I’d prob take the sure thing in julio and pray he is there in the 2nd round…

Unless you can look at the other teams keepers and know he will without a doubt be gone then you maybe go kelce.

I think kelce is def worth a 2nd round pick no doubt and Ive never been big on TE… But to take him in the first would be alittle ballzy but might pay off big