12 Team 1/2 PPR - pick 2 out 3

Got the #1 pick & picking Lev Bell.

In round 2 & 3 I will prob be able to pick 2 out of the following 3:

  • Rob Gronkowski
  • Jerick McKinnon
  • Davante Adams

Which 2 would you go with?

Gronk and McKinnon. Solidify your RB core and get the top producing TE at great value in the 3rd round. Then load up on receivers with your next few picks.

I’m cooled off on McKinnon but that spot doesn’t really present you with many options unless McCaffrey falls to you… but by taking Gronk you’re forcing your team to employ a player like Jeffrey or Fitzgerald as your #1.

I’d probably go RB/RB/WR with your first three picks.

If Gronk drops to you there I say take him, that’s a good value. I’d probably lean Adams over Mckinnon. Yes I know RBs are at a premium this year, but I still believe in taking the best available player, and I just think Adams is better than Mckinnon, in every sense of the word.

being on the turn and having that wait scares me when I look at the bookends of both rounds. I’d personally rather secure a 2nd RB than a TE but that’s not to say that Gronk in the 3rd round is a steal (at least in per game production… he’ll miss a game or 3 as usual).