12 Team / 3 Keeper / .5 PPR / $50 / Sleeper App

Hey Foot Clan!

The Fantasy Bubble
1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 1 TE / 2 WRT / 1 K / 3 IDP / 5 BENCH
2-4 IR Slots
17 Rounds
Slow 8hr Draft
League dues paid through league safe

We are excited to introduce our new league. We are looking for active and competitive players who are willing to stick with us for many years. We want this league to be enjoyable for all, which is why we will vote on many settings. Few things are set in stone, while others will be decided upon through polls to construct our league. If IDP is a deal breaker, we can put that to a vote as well. Draft begins once all entry fees are paid.

If you can’t join through the link below, DM me @joshbryan14

Look forward to seeing you join us!



I’m interested! How do I get set up?

Download the Sleeper App and click on the link above or dm me on the app at joshbryan14

I’m in! my name is BeerMeWaukee

Im interested what do I do in order to get signed up

I would be totally in, just not for idp.


I’m in.

Link takes me to d/l sleeper app, but already installed.

Sleeper ID @timHO

Is there still room available in this league?