12 Team 3 Keeper League Question

I am in a 12 team PPR (6 pt passing td) keeper league running for 6 years now. We can keep players for up to 3 years and we keep them in the round we drafted them. You keep up to 3.

I have 7th pick in the draft and all 6 picks in front of me do not have a round 1 keeper. Currently I am keeping David Johnson in round 12, Michael Thomas round 17 (he was a waiver wire pick up) and Kareem Hunt in round 2. I could potentially not keep Hunt and keep Thielen in round 9, Josh Gordon round 16, Aaron Jones round 15 or Dion Lewis round 14,

Currently available projected first 10 picks in draft (keepers lock on Monday the 27th) Antonio Brown, Hopkins, Barkley, Beckham, AJ Green, Gronkowski, McCaffrey, DeVonte Freeman, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans.

I suspect Brown, Barkley, Hopkins, Beckham, Green will go first 5. Should I just keep Hunt in round 2 and take either Gronk, CMC or Allen in round 1 since one of those 3 will fall to me?

That would leave me with DJ, Hunt, Thomas and one of those 3. Taking Gronk gives me best TE but taking CMC or Allen and drafting a TE much much later could give me 4 top 20 guys.

How should I play it? Thanks!

Wow… I don’t think you have a bad pick at all man.

Def keep hunt in the 2nd.

I think it comes down to roster structure and how your league drafts a little.

CMC is super solid and def love him in PPR… There has been some injuries affecting there o line in the last few weeks which might make him not have a super high ceiling anymore… But he will still be a top guy… So he is a solid option.

Gronk… Wow he gives you such an advantage at the position if he is on the field and healthy… But how many more points will he score than say olson or burton(high on him) or kelce? Maybe not that much… So I def like having a advantage of a position but he does come with some risk.

Allen - does you league start 3 WR?? If so I think he is the guy you target… As starting out with 2 of your 3 slots are WR1s… But if you only start 2 I am not sure there is as much of an advantage. Allen is in for a great year again so he is super solid.

Not sure what is the best option but hopefully I helped a little.

We start 2 wrs and a flex. Yea taking CMC means I will have DJ, Hunt and CMC. I mean last year I lost DJ but still finished tied in total points but lost in championship.

Taking Gronk gives me a large advantage at TE, I’m the one who had Gronk before but he has to go back to draft now. Probably last year to take Gronk if both him and Brady retire.

Allen would fill my second WR spot and allow me make my 3rd round pick as my Flex since I lose my 2 with Hunt.

If I didnt lose DJ, I most likely would have won league last year…

Yep… I was a DJ and OBJ owner last year and still made it to the championship game because of kamara and Keenan allen… But came up short and lost…

I have to assume if I had DJ I would of won.