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12 Team .5 PPR Advice


I’m drafting out of the 6th slot and pretty locked in to Shady. I’m really wanting to go Gronk with my 2nd pick and then WR-WR. I just think Gronk is going to have a massive year and I know he won’t be there in the 3rd. Am I crazy?


Man, that’s really early. You have to believe he’s going to play basically the whole season. Drafting him in the second is baking in the upside. I personally find myself not liking my roster when draft a TE (or QB) anywhere near that early. You’re going to have to make up a bunch of ground on WR and RB.


I had the 1.6 in mine and Shady went 1.5 so make sure you have many, many plans. Best to mock using completely different strategies to see how they turn out. Locking yourself into RB/TE/W/W is suicide if things go weird.
I would personally not take Gronk in the 2nd for 3 reasons. 1) Brady has maybe more weapons than he has had in a decade 2) Gronk smash then Gronk get hurt 3) I don’t like to draft players at their ceiling, especially tight ends. Even Gronks. If he fell to me in the 3rd and I felt awesome about my first 2 picks, I’d consider it.
I knew who I wanted with my first two picks, and they both went 1 pick before me so I had to completely invert my plans because suddenly the value was at WR/WR and not RB/RB like I’d planned. Be flexible, use the force.(and the UDK)


I’ve been mocking for a couple weeks and using the UDK as my go to for ranks/tiers. Shady is my wish, but I’m prepared for Julio/OBJ if they fall. Might avoid OBJ all together.
Gronk is a risk, but this is as healthy as he’s been for two years and I think Brady always knows he can throw it up for grabs and he’ll come down with it. Just not many guys around that pick that I’m comfortable with.

Appreciate the feedback gentlemen/ladies


I’m in the same spot in my home league. For .5 Shady or AJ Green would be my pick. If you think you can get good value on WRs in Rounds 3-6 and find 2 starters (which there are plenty) then it is definitely a viable strategy. Investing in TE early is not usually my forte but Gronk isn’t normal when healthy


If you draft Gronk in the second, he has to be that guy, and he has to be it for 16 games, or he torpedoes you team. I wouldn’t make that bet.