12 team, $50, PPR, SF, 2TE (premium) Keeper league (Sleeper) (Full)

Keep Keep Boom. Not your average league.

Note: If there is no season, all funds will be rolled over to the 2021 season.

Keeper, PPR: 1QB / 2RB / 3WR / 2TE / 3FLEX / 1SF - TE Premium of .75 additional PPR for TEs

8 bench, 2 IRs (IR only)

6 point Passing TD
Full point per reception.
1.75 PPR for TE

  • 1 point for 40 yard runs and receptions
  • 1 point for 40 yard TD runs or receptions
  • 1 point for 40 yard completions or TD completions
  • 1 point for 100 yard games
  • 1 point for 200 yard games
  • 1 point for 300 yard passing games
  • 1 point for 400 yard passing games

$50 buy in through leaguesafe.

2 Keepers Max, zero minimum.

Cannot keep two of the same position.

Cannot keep players more than twice (max three years on a given roster) - (to be voted on, in correlation to the add (x) rounds to adp rule)

Keeping a player means you forfeit that year’s draft round that player was picked in the previous year.

If keeping for a second time, add (1) round to that adp - ((x) rounds to be voted on.)

Must pay for next year before keepers can be selected.

Playoffs begin week 14 and last through week 16.

(6) teams will make the playoffs. - ** (number of teams to be voted on. This could change playoff weeks.)**

Each week, you will be playing against your opponent AND the weekly median of points for a maximum of 2 wins/losses per week.

End of season standings are determined by overall record, then points scored (highest to lowest) then points against (highest points against gets first seed to lowest)

Draft position will be selected at random for the first year by hitting randomize once.

Draft position for each year following startup will be determined by overall standings (worst team gets 1.01).

No divisions

Champion - $350
Second - $100
Most points through regular season - $100

$50 to be rolled over into the next year and accumulate until there is a back to back champion.

Draft pick trading is allowed during each year’s draft.

Trades will be instantaneous and can only be overturned in the most EXTREME circumstances.

After rules are set for the first year, no additional rule changes will be made until the following year and will require 8 (of 12) total votes to enact.

No refunds will be given once a year is paid for.

Keepers must be selected no later than August 1st of each year. The rest of the players will be thrown into the draft for that year. The draft date and time will be determined after keeper selects are finalized. Draft will be 2 minute picks for 20 rounds. Draft time and date will be determined by vote when the league is full.

DM me if you are interested in joining. Must pay for the year before invite can be given to the league.

10 spots left

I’d be interested in giving this a go

10 spots still open, with two spots pending being filled.

9 spots left

8 spots left

Interested let’s do it

7 spots left

Is this on sleeper? Pretty sure I’m in, if there are still openings.

It is on Sleeper.

6 spots left

5 spots left

3 spots remain

2 spots left

Bumping up

Final spot

We are full