12-team $50 PPR SF Start-Up Dynasty / Sleeper / FAAB (Full)

Hello everyone.

I am starting a superflex dynasty league for a $50 buy-in on Sleeper and need 10 more active and awesome owners to fill it up. Both the 2020 and 2021 years must be paid up front before we start drafting the veterans.

This league will use leaguesafe.

The veterans and rookies will be drafted separately. We will be taking votes on when the veteran draft will begin. All drafts will get at least 8 hour picks to allow schedule flexibility, but the picks are certainly made quicker than that. We will vote on if we will stop the timer at night and resume in the morning.

The veteran draft (snake) order will be decided by clicking the randomize button one time. The rookie draft (linear) order will be reversed.

Draft pick trading will be allowed. This includes the veteran draft. If a team wants to trade a future pick, that year must be paid in full before the trade will be allowed.

The rosters will be as follows: (33 total spots)
18 Bench Spots
2 IR (IR designation only)
4 Taxi spots

Scoring is standard EXCEPT for:
Full PPR
1 point per 30 yards passing
6 points per passing TD
-2 points per interception


Champion = $325
2nd = 125
3rd = $50
Toilet Bowl King = $25
Most points during regular season = $75

I am hyper active and always on top of things. Rule change suggestions are welcome. This league should be filled with very active owners who love to discuss NFL developments and trading.

I hope to see you there.

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10 spots open. Hoping to draft veterans before the end of the month!

9 spots left

8 spots now left

7 spots remaining

Is it a fast draft or a slow draft?

It will be at least 8 hour picks. We will vote on if we will stop the timer at night and resume in the morning.
The drafts are too important in dynasty to have quick drafts in my opinion

Six more left

Four remaining spots

Three spots left now

Interested. My sleeper name is @Mattyb223

We are now full. Thank you. If a spot opens up, I will edit and repost.

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