12 team .5PPR 6man Keeper Help

I’m in a 12 team half point PPR keeper league (6 keepers). I’m a bit torn on how to handle my keepers this year.

QBs - Russel Wilson, Deshaun Watson
RBs - Joe Mixon, Jamaal Williams, Chris Carson
WRs - Adam Thielen, Doug Baldwin, Alshon Jeffery, Corey Davis, Jordy Nelson

Draft Picks (Rd 7 being the first round)
Rd 7 - 10
Rd 8 - 3
Rd 9 - 8
Rd 9 - 10
Rd 10 - 3
Rd 12 - 3
Rd 13 - 10
Rd 14 - 3
Rd 15 - 10
Rd 16 - 3
Rd 17 - 10
Rd 18 - 3

Obviously my team is heavy on WR and QB and light on RB. A few scenarios I’m considering:

a.) Trade Watson or Wilson for ~8th or lower rd draft pick
b.) Trade Watson or Wilson AND any WR for a RB1-2 or 7th rd draft pick (not sure value I could get here)
c. ) Keep Wilson, Mixon, Thielen, Jeffery, Baldwin, Davis.
d. ) Keep Wilson, Mixon, Thielen, Jeffery, Baldwin, Williams.

I don’t really want to let Davis go but I also know Williams could be very helpful if my RB draft picks don’t pan out. One scenario I’m not really keen on is keeping both QBs.

Any thoughts?

I would personally try to trade Watson, Jeffery and a pick for a RB 1 or 2. Watson has huge upside, but he has also already torn his ACL 2 times and Alshon is getting older, and honestly last year was the first good year and several. I like Mixon, but that’s really your only sure thing right now at the RB position. Wilson will be a stud so you don’t need him and Watson. You have Thielen, Baldwin, and Davis which I all like as well. You need RB help in the worst way I think and I would be looking to try to get someone like Guice or even Coleman as he could be like Michael Turner when he left SD and went nuts for 3-4 years.

Assuming that this is not a Superflex or 2QB? Do you have to keep 6?

I would keep Mixon, Williams, Thielen, Baldwin, Jeffery, Davis.

Format is standard QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex, K, DST.