12 Team .5ppr redraft league start up. $25 buy in

Looking to start a 12 team league using my preferred set of rules.

$25 dollar buy in using LeagueSafe.

Faab, half point ppr, no kickers, 6 point passing, etc.

Hoping to set up the draft for either tonight or wednesday morning.


Gotten any takers?

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Just one so far, unfortunately

I’m liking the post solely on the idea that you must be a smart person with an Aubameyang avatar! #OCGooners

If you can get 12 I’m interested

myself and one other person are interested

I can probably draft Wednesday morning, if you have the people.


What time would the draft be? I want to join but can not draft until 18:00 central tomorrow.

I’m interested. My other league fell through. Wednesday afternoon would be better though.



Interested if this draft hasn’t happened yet. What platform? douggass631@gmail.com

I’m in. mattarj@gmail.com. platform and draft time?

how many bench spots? any IR?

Interested if you need a spot for draft today twaldrip@hotmail.com

Interested. Jmarshall_123@hotmail.com

I’m down if you need a guy and it’s after 8pm central today (Wednesday)

If you still got room I’m down. jflem66@gmail.com

Definitely interested


Still looking for people here?