12 team auction .5PPR redraft $25 1 spots left!

Will draft on ESPN otherwise the league will be on Sleeper.

Trying to get this league started, we can vote on and mold the rules to our liking.

Let me know if you are interested!

11/12 spots taken. (will update this as people join) if we get 10 but struggle to find 12, we can drop it to a 10 team league to ensure we get to play if need be.


I’m interested.

Okay,just going to wait to see if enough interest is there before setting up the actual league. So far there hasn’t been much interest.if you know people let me know.


Ok, I’ve never participated in one. I’m very interested. Keep me posted. Thx

I’m interested. My brother probably as well.

Cool,let me know if he is or not!

I would possibly be interested. Let me know if you get enough. Thanks!

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Well, getting a small amount of momentum. I’ll add you to the list and let you know! Thanks!

My brother said he is definitely interested

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Perfect! Thanks for letting me know!

Okay still waiting on 1 but lets start getting this together. Here is the sleeper invite @HaveABiscuitPotter @nroyalp @shanetolman

Looks like I’m your 12th. Just joined footclan mayem.

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Your brother still playing yes? @HaveABiscuitPotter

@nroyalp @shanetolman Did you guys join yet? (sorry if you did) Going to open it up again soon to fill. Let me know in the Sleeper app if you did join or let me know if you arent interested any more. thanks!

Yep, I am all joined up! I am Sharksarenice :slight_smile:

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