12 team Auction Keeper

12 Team Auction Draft. .7PPR, can keep 2. $200 budget.

Kerryon appears to be the best value. I’m less inspired after that-Evans or Mixon?

Kerryon for sure. I’m kind of leaning towards Henry, just to tie up a solid TE and not worry about getting into a bidding war. It is a 12 person league.


Kerry on and Hunter seem to be the best value. I wouldnt go with Evan’s as he is not ranked as high as he was last year. Mixon would be my other choice. Eventhough it is pricey, a big failure in auction drafts is holding onto your money. It hurts to finish with leftover money and realized you could of upgraded at a few positions if you weren’t being so stingy. This is not reality, you dont get to pocket what you dont spend.