12 team Ballers Preferred Scoring Format

Whats up?! Im looking for fun and active people who are up for a yearly ESPN fantasy league with ballers preferred scoring!!

12 teams
0.5 point ppr
Snake Draft
4 Pts/QB TD
$100 FAAB
1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex
1 D/ST
6 Bench
1 IR
3 Keeper

3 Divisions with 4 teams in them
Playoffs: 6 Teams (3 Rounds, 2 Byes) from weeks 14-16

10 Spots left!!

Would be down for a buy in if everyone else is!!

Leave your email down below if interested!!


I’m on board! andy.frazee@gmail.com

I’m game! kpamadon@gmail.com

Im in if theres a buy in…drafting when?


Also down, dylantfrosty@gmail.com

I’m down! belle_vie10@yahoo.com

I’m in. huffryanj@gmail.com

I’m in. crawfordjdm@gmail.com

definitely interested! my usual league was suddenly cancelled this year… aseco26@gmail.com


I’m interested! matthewc.plunkett@gmail.com

Anyone get a response yet?

I received an e-mail invite about 30 minutes ago to join the league via ESPN Fantasy.


If there’s a buy in I’m interested in joining v.p.cugasi@gmail.com

If there are spots I’m interested. Is there a buy in?