12 team Dynasty .5 ppr 2 flex no super flex: starting in a week

Startup league already have a few slots filled:
Looking for a 1-3 year commitment:
No buy in as of right now:
We are looking to add in at least a $20 buy in.
6 playoff teams:
Top 4 seeds will be based off Record: Bottom 2 seeds will be based off of Points Scored:
If y

I’d love to do a dynasty league, I’m in England tho that ok?


Location doesn’t matter at all we’re taking all comers. Send me your email

Would be interested as well. Also have a couple of buddies that would be interested too. eurbi1994@gmail.com

Can you send me the email so I can send you the invite

Send the emails so I can add you all

I’m interested if you stil have a spot.


Invite sent

Invite sent

Jonp33@yahoo.com, if you still have availability.

I am very interested. Email: mikkotesalonamd@yahoo.com.ph

Invite sent

Interested if still available

Interested, are there any spots left?

No spots right now but I’ll definitely keep you in mind: might have some space opening up

No spots as of right now but something may be better opening up, I’ll definitely keep you in mind

Hey I am interested! Please send me an invite

Send me an Invite

League full right now, something may be opening up soon so I’ll definitely keep you in mind