12 Team Dynasty League - SF on Sleeper

Starting up a sleeper dynasty league! This will be a Superflex 0.5 PPR league, 6PT Passing TD, 12 team, 1QB, 2RB, 3 WR, 1TE, 3 Flex and 1SF. 17 bench spots 3IR spots (only players on actual NFL teams IR) and 5 taxi spots (rookies and 2nd year players only) no taxi squad player stealing.

The entry fee is $50 each season and we’ll require the first 2 seasons upfront so it will be $100 initially. This is to keep everyone invested and keep the league running like a dynasty should and if anyone does leave there will be no refunds, the paid ahead season will be incentive for an owner to take over your team. Leaguesafe will be used for the fees.

The draft will be as soon as everyone joins, 8 hours per pick. The draft will be 33 rounds. The 2020 rookie picks are included in the draft. You can draft as many or no rookie picks as you like. Each individual pick is available so you can draft as an example the 1.01, 1.05, 2.02…… but each pick will take the place of your pick in the start up snake draft and obviously you won’t have a player in that spot until the rookie draft.

Message me on sleeper my username is Younggunzz