12 Team Dynasty PPR

Hey Foot Clan! I am looking for people in North Carolina (preferably) to start a 12 team dynasty full ppr. Looking for people who love football as much as me!

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Interested! Salasant@yahoo.com
Shoot me an email!

I live in Southern California but super interested! I once lived in edon, NC lol of that counts. Email me Tyler.powell91@yahoo.com

Will it be free? If so, I’m interested. therealstudmuffin11@gmail.com

I’ve been playing fantasy football for about 6-7 yrs I think and dynasty for 3

Not from NC tho…


Shoot me an email, I’ve got a startup going that’s free the first year. Could be free or a buy in the second year depending on majority vote and how well the league goes the first year


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