12 Team Dynasty Start Up ! ESPN (Half Point PPR) ($25-50 buy in) CURRENTLY FULL

Hey Foot Clan members !
I am starting up a 12 Team Dynasty league on ESPN.

$25-50 buy-in (via LeagueSafe)
12 Teams on ESPN
Half Point PPR
Roster: 1 QB 2 RB 2WR 1TE 2FLEX 1D/ST 1K 25 man roster
3 round rookie drafts in the offseason

Leave your emails and questions below and I’ll get back to everyone :slight_smile:

Cheers guys !


Interested, how would you draft? samwill2261@gmail.com?

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I am interested. I have been looking for a dynasty league. I can be contacted at - tom-whitt@hotmail.com

Interested also bigmoloos@gmail.com

I am interested. Please contact me at rivdog24@gmail.com.

Interested. Contact my email at aewalt@unitedcoatingstechnologies.com

never done a dynasty league before, im interested.



hopkinsdrums@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you!

No pressure but… is this still happening? Lol

I’m thinking a slower draft, maybe 5 minuets to pick. With random order prior to draft. We can all discuss this as a dynasty though.

Yep still happening ! I will send out league invites to all that replied and messaged me tonight.

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interested! Jklinke51@yahoo.com

League invites have been sent out ! If you haven’t received one yet let me know .

Nothing yet. samwill2261@gmail.com

NO invite yet?

Take 2, check now

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got it thanks

If this is auction draft count me in! longstrangetrip18@yahoo.com

Didnt get an invite