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12 Team Dynasty Startup .5 PPR - LEAGUE FULL; PLEASE DO NOT REPLY


I am starting a Dynasty League, it will be 10-12 teams, depending on what people are feeling…

0.5 PPR, with 25 man rosters with 2 extra IR spots. The positions are as follows

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 D/ST

14 Bench
2 IR Spots

I want to use either Fleaflicker or ESPN for the league setup but we will do an offline, slow draft using a google doc spreadsheet.

I’d like to do a league buy-in, thinking $20-25, open for discussion. Funds will be managed through LeagueSafe.

Drop your emails down below if you’re interested, I can respond pretty quick.

Interested in a Dynasty League- Orphan or Start Up
Looking for a startup dynasty league. Footclan assemble

Lots of people looking for dynasty leagues. You might also consider checking out some of the other threads that are doing similar setup if you have trouble finding people.

I have been pointing people to this one: https://community.thefantasyfootballers.com/t/the-got-fellowship-dynasty-league/41210?u=bryan


Yea, I saw that one and I’m not trying to pay $125 for a league buy in. The only reason I created a new thread is because I’m looking for more specific settings and the ones that are close enough seem to be full


makeitrain Didn’t realize it was that much. haha.


I’m in contact me once created


I made a league in Fleaflicker, what’s your email? Ill send you the link


Drop me a line at gabriel.dubin@yahoo.com




Invites sent


Hey, shoot me an email at logan_hulst@yahoo.com


Invite sent


What’s up guys? Any openings left?

Astonecutter@gmail.com if so.


Sent you an invite


I’m in if you have spots. qbabb1@gmail.com


Sent you an invite


I’m going to move this league to ESPN so please accept that invite. Fleaflicker is down right now and won’t allow new invites to be sent to the last few people to fill this league. It says the email is “invalid”. Our league was not the only one to have this issue. So I said screw it, we’re using ESPN.

Because of Fleaflicker not working and a few people not having their username of Fleaflicker related to the email they provided it is now back to a first come first serve basis. Whoever can accept the invite the quickest is in.
1 Spot left


Hey Brandon,

Thanks for the invite. What’s the buy in? Do you have a page set up with the rules or are we voting?



I figured we’d do 20-25 for a bit in. Whichever people would rather. I’ve set most the rules in the espn page but I’m open to changing if that what the majority would rather.


The league is now full


if you are in need of or if anyone drops out .